She Time provides women with an easy to use formula that is adaptable to any body type and lifestyle!

This formula will show you how to lose weight using all of the tools that you currently have available; however are not yet aware of…?

All female bodies are unique and therefore a completely different set of rules apply for each one of them. You need a unique strategy to finally, and once and for all lose the weight and get healthy! She Time will teach you how to recognize this, deal with this, and very easily come up with a working plan or more importantly, an actual FORMULA!

She Time will provide you with a basic plug and play formula for success! Just remember that it starts in the mind, flows past the dinner table and ends up exactly where you want to be! It really is easy when you have the knowledge to put all of the pieces together. Whether you just need a tune up or a total transformation, She Time will work for you!

She Time begins by discussing the reasons for your weight gain and how it affects you as a person.

She Time provides quick and easy mental exercises to help you prepare your mind for the next day of the rest of your life. She time provides tips and tricks to keep you on track and heading in the right direction!

You may have attempted weight loss in the past and failed. The good news is that it probably wasn’t your fault. You simply didn’t have your body’s correct combination. You didn’t know what to eat, how to exercise properly and most importantly, you may have allowed the extra weight to cause a depressive state. Depression creates reasons to overeat and become inactive which creates even more reasons to be depressed. She Time teaches you how to overcome the weight related depression and how to break the vicious cycle once and for all.

She Time not only provides you with a basic adaptable diet model, it also provides you with tips and tricks to keep your new dietary choices fun, flavorful, and even cheap. You will honestly be surprised at the fact that you can have 3 easy, healthy and hearty meals a day for around $10.00.  It’s She Time!


Chapter 1: The She Time Mind

She time discusses the reasons for your weight gain and how it makes you feel as a person. She time provides simple mental exercises to prepare you for your personal weight loss journey. Think of it as the calm before YOU bring the storm!

Chapter 2: The She Time Diet

This chapter will teach you how to get moving. This is the key. This chapter will also provide you with a basic dietary model for success. Where to shop, how to shop, and what to shop for. Read this chapter twice!

Chapter 3: The She Time Body

Final chapter simply discusses how to take it to the next level. This is the way that you live now.

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The Author

Tommy Highway

I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Tommy and I am a fitness instructor. I began my career many years ago after losing nearly 80 pounds. The experience was life altering to say the least. It inspired me to become a fitness instructor and to help others change their lives for the better. Not long into my career I discovered something about human nature; women tend to want to improve themselves more so than men. Women also tend to care a great deal more about their health, fitness, and personal appearance. So I began to specialize in the female form.

I reviewed countless books and media on the subject of female anatomy, metabolism, and even changes brought on by menopause. What were the best types of exercises, the best foods, even down to the best time of day for a woman to have meals? What I really couldn’t find were many well written publications that discussed the real reasons that a woman would gain weight. What was her mindset, what were her general dietary habits, and what were effective support methods? Yes, there was a great deal of information out there, but I could find nothing that really tied it all together so I formulated my own approach. To my surprise frankly, my methods were not only getting results, they were getting fabulous results.

I decided to write this book to offer my methods to all of the wonderful women out there who are ready to get not only physically fit, but also mentally fit. You see, I realized that it is impossible to have one without the other. After all, our mothers, our daughters, our wives, and our partners are the most important people in our lives. Any woman’s journey into physical fitness must include four components: proper exercise, proper diet, a proper support system, and MOST importantly, a proper mindset. Think of your journey in terms of a well-oiled machine. The machine runs well until a component breaks down. When this happens the machine breaks down. We are going to discuss these four components in detail in the pages that follow. You are ready to do this and She Time is the guide that you have been searching for.