She Time Review – Nikki M. (Iowa)


She Time – The Woman’s Guide to a Keen Mind and Thin Body by Tommy Highway is a great read!

I say this because it reminded me that as a mother, wife, sister that I still need to take a least 30 minutes a day for me. We all know as mothers and wives we put everyone else first and ourselves last. The biggest thing we do is we let things go. This book reminded me of this too.  It also reminded me when I was single I kept up with going to the gym, but I wasn’t eating the proper things. I was eating once a day and exercising 25 minutes a day. Yes I lost the weight but not learning the proper way of eating with it. This book explained more of how to go about that. So when I got in a relationship I just got comfortable and I stopped going the gym and I put the weight back on. Then the babies came. Then I ran into working and taking care of the family and I figured I had no time. But I now want to get in shape. I have two daughters who I want to be around a long time for and be able to set an example to them.

It felt like the author of this book was talking right to me. Standing next to me and coaching me. I also like how he explains that our bodies are all not the same. Which I feel sometimes that some of these weight loss books have one set way for every woman which doesn’t work for every woman who is trying to lose weight.

He’s right were all not the same. I also like the suggestion of putting up reminders on the fridge. I feel if I see that I will think twice before grabbing something out of the fridge. He also brought up another good point on cheat days on diets. For me personally that wouldn’t would work for me because my brain would say hey one cheat wouldn’t hurt then the next day it wouldn’t hurt and I would lose all the progress that I would have done.

The eating right part of this book I found very easy to think about and want to try. I like how it explained what to drink a how to make it at home and how to figure out what would be the proper food to eat and prepare at home and have a little something nice on the side to go with your meals.

Just reading this book started to make me feel good about myself and will definitely help get me started on my journey to become healthy and more in shape! It’s a must read and I give it 5 stars. I found it very easy to follow too.